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Original message: Last weekend I specifically turned to CPT 12 to see the new film called, 9-11:Explosive Evidence-Experts Speak Out. It was so eye opening, and I sent out a long message to my FB friends about the show & how insightful and courageous CPT 12 is for showing the film. I usually watch Linktv on Direct @ 375 at this time of the morning, but this early morning I thought I would see what channel 12 had and found a show called To the Contrary. What I saw was very good. The show was about past African Women leaders, and showed a leader of the last few generations, she was a beautiful woman who was 91 yrs. old Then the story switched to a story about an African American leader from 1400 BC in Egypt who was a powerful Pharaoh in Egypt. It was a little disappointing that I could not find a written or video version of the film, so I could see the title, whole thing & share it on FB. Thank you for showing these programs. I think my life is made richer by learning import facts. It is good news for this era that so many people are appreciating learning new information; they have been missing so much important information and diverse educational concepts. However there are different media companies which are growing to meet these needs of providing missed information, especially from those who have watched the larger wealthier channels that seem to have their priority on commercials rather than important ideals and facts. I also record Democracy Now from CPT every day. By CPT 12 working to meet the needs of what people of this era need to have available to learn about, CPT 12 is joining with other media outlets, which are enabling our society to grow into a more caring and higher functioning society. Thank you for caring about the people and not just profits.
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