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Original message: People who don't live in Texas don't know the 1st thing about what goes on with illegal immigration. Pat is correct when he said a large group of them think that Texas was taken illegally (never mind wars and treaties, etc) and that gives them the right to ooze into Texas. Most are good citizens. San Antonio has a large Mexican population that is mostly great. But the drug cartels are HERE---murders on a regular basis. The latest is that the cartels are moving into Texas into legitimate business. The FBI in San Antonio has been moving on this issue. A national tv show talked about Mexican corruption, and one sheriff who spoke with his face and voice obscured said you will NEVER get rid of corruption in Mexico until you get rid of the payoff. It's a way of life from the top to the bottom. Ms. Clift does NOT know everything. I suggest she come live in Texas for 5 years, then talk about it. In California the Mex. students in one high school wanted to fly the Mexican flag instead of the American flag. There is a militant group in the country plus Catholic sanctuary churches---they don't just hide Mexicans----they also hide illegals from Africa. I don't object to anyone who is trying to find a better life, but follow the laws and do it LEGALLY. Thank you.
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