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Original message: Flipping through channels I caught some of the Charlie Rose show aired on 12.2 PBT on Tuesday, 8/28/12 at 930pm. I was extremely disappointed the unabashed bias against Romney/Ryan candidates on a PUBLICALLY supported media! There was no counterbalance offered to the prejudiced "opinions" of the panel breaking down the entire campaign of Romney. The mass media has its platform of pro-liberal agendas, against the conservative loner of Fox News--that is sponsored by advertisers' moneys, not tax dollars, so that is not controllable. How you can get away with such obvious bias with our tax money (and this includes public radio) is infuriating. If there were such a conservative bent to this program, the liberal mouths would be shouting relentlessly to have the show removed from the air--SHAME ON YOU! You should not be funded by tax dollars--go and get advertisers like any other private enterprise. I will work hard against your fund raising efforts until you change your programming and grandstanding for your liberal diatribe. Submitted by a voter and a heavily taxed American who cares about how our tax money is spent! Alan Rastrelli, MD
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