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Original message: Unfortunately we live ina a word where the Law of The Strongest is THE Law. This law is based on fear. Of the two non physical things created, the basic oposites: fear and love, most men and women have lived in fear since we have memory of. People who teach love, the true masters amongst us, are killed, ridiculized, tortured, and so forth. Jesus was crucified. John Lennon was assassinated, princes Diana also, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc., etc., etc. The Law of The Strongest needs to kill to impose fear on "the enemy" (and "respect" = fear within the population). This is the first time that the truth is going public. The Warren Commission didn't come out with the truth, neither the Project Blue Book, neither the 9-11 Commission, neither..., etc., etc., etc. John F. Kennedy didn't obey the eveldoers that control of the US Presidents. He was killed. He was too good as to like war and killings (Viet Nam or what have you). Our world would be better off, if Al Gore had won the presidency, instead of George W. Bush. Al Gore won the Peace Nobel Price, George W. Bush the right to kill and, as he put it, make people in the world fear his leadership "...wherever in the world... will be considered an enemy". It is normal in this world that cover ups, coup d'etat and so forth win, as we abide by the Law of The Strongest = Fear; not understanding, communication, brotherhood. Why don't we vote (and don't allow a doble count of votes to let the obscure forces make it their way) for somebody like Al Gore, instead of somebody like George W. Bush?
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