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Original message: The tower floors were very open, with very strong steel beam central cores. A picture of the sun shining through the towers can be found by googling THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TWIN TOWERS, NEW YORK CITY - Built 1966-1972/73 - Destroyed 9/11/2001 - by Yamasaki / Emery Roth & Sons About a third of the way down through the pictures is a picture of the sun shining through the towers. The central cores are very easy to see. Above the picture is a drawing explaining the interior layout. If there were a pancake failure, the floors should have collapsed like donuts sliding down a broomstick, leaving the cores standing. The WPIX antenna started going down before the rest of the top part of the building even moved, proof the cores were cut. My clue the whole thing was a lie on the day it happened was the 'cell phone calls'. There were NONE at high altitudes and airspeeds. The 'picocell' system that makes cell calls from flying airliners possible didn't come out until 5 years later. The fbi admitted this lie finally during one of the later trials. Thank you, channel 12, for a real eye-opener! We both contributed $9.11 and I hope your fundraiser is still working for this documentary!
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