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Original message: Comments of late about illegal immigration seem to miss what is to me an important point. I am an eighty-eight-year old first generation U. S. citizen and admit my parents were lucky to have spoken English when they entered this country; they worked hard, paid their taxes, and became U. S. citizens so they could vote legally. I am sorry for the problems the Mexican people are having, but wonder why they don't fight for rights in that country instead of coming to the U. S. and expecting the same "entitlements" those of us who worked hard, paid taxes, and voted for for so many years. Our forefathers had to fight for what we have now; is it impossible for Mexican citizens to fight for their rights in their country? I'm sure they are not realizing what they dreamed would be theirs by just crossing the border. Would those illegally entered this country rather die in the hot unforgiving desert than die for improving their country? Is it fair for any immigrants who are dissatisfied with their native country to wait for another country to be prosperous and then enter it illegally? Mexico, I'm told, has boundless resources for building various agriculture and industrial successes. Why are we still supporting that country when they do not help their citizens become proud, successful people for themselves and their generations to come? I suppose my questions would be pertinent to a lot of other immigrants, but so much is being emphasized about Mexicans. Why?
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