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Original message: Thanks for showing Explosive Evidence-Experts Speak Out. I think that bringing out the truth about 9/11 is one of the most important things we can do to save this country. Unfortunately the truth is so ugly that many Americans would rather just keep their heads buried in the sand. But when you do some research and you objectively examine the evidence it becomes very difficult to believe the government's explanation. One of my favorite 9/11 "oddities" is the black boxes at the twin towers. There should have been four of them (two per plane). Black boxes are designed to survive a plane crash. They are painted bright orange and they are practically indestructible. It is highly unlikely that all four of the boxes would just somehow disappear. Yet the government says the boxes were never found. However they did say that in the same area they found an intact passport from one of the hijackers! In my opinion the three best documentaries about 9/11 are Explosive Evidence-Experts Speak Out, In Plane Sight-Director's Cut, and Loose Change-Final Cut. All the books by David Ray Griffin are also very good.
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