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Original message: Warning Don’t Shoot Tall Dark and Handsome Humanoids Onboard FAA registered UFO USO from Colorado’s FTG Airport Out East Thanks for getting the PSA word out to the residents of America to not panicky, and or, shoot at the sight of our UFO since right after its emergence personnel access training inspect session next week it will soon legally take to the skies in support of Dr. Haynes spaceline’s “first to go commercial” plans. Per FAA AST and ATC mandated regulations all seven of the civic and volunteer fire fighting department located within the Blue Ridge Nebula Spaelines twin interlaying triangle shaped normal and ad-normal test flight corridors have been freely granted unabated access to the world’s first manned flying saucer on the 19th of this month. Dr. Haynes three point USO/UFO test flight zone is geographically identified by the cities’ of eastern Colorado named Akron, Last Chance, and Watkins. First responder Emergency crews will get the first opportunity to learn how to safely attend to the Haynes Sauces sensitive preparatory operation equipment in an emergency. Dr. Haynes pledged to conduct passenger and cargo air/space-transportation services from eastern Colorado as far back as 1975. In support of that prophecy Dr. Haynes received FAA air carrier certification in 1995 and is now ready to go spacelining. Because Dr. Haynes Flying Saucer is so versatile FTG does not need to be certified as a spaceports and the FAA still does not really have a department charged with the jurisdiction to regulate non-rocket powered “fully green technology” based spacecraft. The hover, low high and space accessing altitude test flights will initially conducted by the designer and builder of the Haynes Dr. Doug as posted herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIMY8_RRbZY&list=UUQddZjDFvmK94j8t9Eg4wnw&index=2&feature=plcp. Dr. Haynes disk shaped craft are designed to re-power Colorado and America in general with jobs sincethey will soon be serving as rescue survival pods, zero-polluted hover craft, and flying cars for all residents across the USA.. You’re invited to stop by and see the world’s first, FAA registered, man made, Haynes (flying) Saucer for yourself and once again thanks for getting the media PSA alert word out to the general public. As always God Bless you and yours
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