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Original message: Contact: Victoria Strong Front Range Center for Assault Prevention (FRCAP) 720.210.4801 | victoria_frcap@msn.com For Immediate Release Wednesday October 10, 2012 Far too often, children are not introduced to prevention education until after an incident has occurred. With the recent reports of children being bullied at school, abducted by a stranger or sexually abused by a trusted adult parents are searching for ways to keep their children safe. The best way we can protect our children is to teach them to self protect! If empowered through prevention education and advocacy, they do not have to become a headline. Victoria Strong, the Executive Director at the Front Range Center for Assault Prevention says “It is crucial that our children, adolescents and the adults in their lives receive assault prevention education in order to reduce their vulnerability to being hurt… before we hear about it on the news. Children and adolescents are vulnerable to assault, but they are not powerless to prevent it, they just need to know what to do!” Since 1996, The Front Range Center for Assault Prevention (FRCAP) has stood on the front lines waging war against statistics that say 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday (Finkelhor, 2010) and more than 160,000 children stay home from school each day because they fear for their personal safety. (National Household Education Survey, 2010.) In sixteen years, FRCAP has reached more than 90,000 children along Colorado’s Front Range through schools and classrooms, equipping them with the tools to prevent childhood sexual assault, bully assault, and stranger abduction through the Child Assault Prevention Project. Over the years, CAP facilitators have stood in the considerable gap that exists between child abuse and the information given to children and families about how to prevent it. More than 400 abusive situations involving children who have gone through CAP have been reported in neighborhoods across the Front Range. Several attempted abductions have been thwarted by CAP graduates who instinctively knew what to do when someone they didn’t know tried to take them. CAP is an important program, initiating an important conversation. It is unfair to expect our schools to tackle such a sensitive topic given the amount of responsibility already on their shoulders. FRCAP provides experts in the field of assault prevention to provide this important, life changing information and the program is provided in many Colorado schools. CAP is a three part program involving seminars for teachers, staff and administration, parents and community members; and an in-class scripted workshop for students PreK-12 adapted by the International Center for Assault Prevention. This creates the much needed “prevention team” in our Colorado Communities. We are all responsible for the safety of our children and the time is now to ensure that no child or adolescent feels ill-equipped to handle any situation which could prove to be unsafe. For information on how to have CAP programming in your neighborhood schools or community please contact: Victoria Strong, Executive Director at Victoria@FrontRangeCAP.org or visit our website at www.FrontRangeCAP.org
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