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Original message: This non-binding amendment 65 is more in response to a symptom caused a long time ago by a decision of the Supreme Court (in actuality, a decision written by a clerk of the Supreme Court) which gave corporations eternal person-hood. If that decision had given a 50-yr person-hood to all corporations (which was closer to the average age at which most human beings were dying at the time) it would have been fair, as then a corporation's assets would have had to go through probate just as an individual's assets do upon death. Corporations have been give a favored status playing field where they continue to amass wealth, pushing corporate agendas, political candidates, and do expect a return on their investment for helping their candidates get more advertising in front of the electorate. They advertise their candidate as they advertise their products. I believe we need to limit the amount of campaign contribution to the same number of dollars for which an entity has votes ... that is $1. Since corporations do not have the right to vote as individuals do, their campaign contribution must therefore be $0. That would end the rabid mud-slinging advertising that has come about due to a decision by the Republican loaded Supreme Court's latest campaign finance decision. Churches must be treated with the same regard to ensure separation of church and state.
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