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“… offered with the hope that it will point the way to better understanding and the fuller enjoyment….”

These words, which grace the introduction to the Handbook of Yosemite National Park, share the vision and life’s mission of Ansel Hall, the first Chief Naturalist and Chief Forrester of the National Park Service.

In August 2016, the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary. Truly one of America’s best ideas, the National Park Service protects 84 million acres of iconic, treasured and sacred places in over 400 parks. For many, the creation of our national parks preserved part of our national heritage and beauty, but was that all? One man, Ansel Hall, set out to help interpret the treasures found in our parks and bring that knowledge to the nation.

In ASK A RANGER, documentary filmmaker and PBS independent producer Jay Kriss explores the beginnings of our National Parks through the eyes, letters and films of Ansel Hall.

An intrepid explorer, Hall spent time in Monument Valley, Yosemite, Sequoia and Mesa Verde – eventually becoming the forward-thinking Chief Naturalist for the National Parks Service. Using hand-colored glass slides and original footage taken by Hall and his various expeditionary teams as they explored the parks, this film traces Hall’s vision and the roots of what has become the prime mission of our National Parks.

ASK A RANGER premieres late summer 2016 and will air fall 2016. It is produced by Backdrop America Pictures and Inspirit Creative through the funding support of Colorado Public Television and the Reel West Society.

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