About Colorado Public News

Welcome to Colorado’s new source of significant news.

We invite your help in creating an organization that will produce the factual, even-handed, quality reporting on Colorado news and issues, which are essential for informed citizens to run a healthy democracy and thriving economy. We concentrate on news you need, and that you can’t find elsewhere — because you need journalists to find it. We stick to the facts, and leave the opinions to the public.

Some examples of CPN’s impact so far:

-      CPN has warned hundreds of thousands of Coloradans about price-gouging in medicine. Many people in the state are paying $2000 to $3500 for an MRI when they could be paying $450. CPN found the same kind of overpricing in medical equipment and a top-selling pharmaceutical drug. Across the state, people are saving money, but much more needs to be reported for Coloradans to truly understand they should stop trusting and start shopping around.

-      CPN warned citizens not to assume they’ll be able to find a family doctor when they need one. A CPN investigation found only one-third of 100 state primary care doctors who accept Medicare would take a new patient without restrictions. CPN reporting has found that even younger people face a shortage of family doctors, who are essential in staving off our major diseases.

-      CPN uncovered a staff shortage in state government that is holding up much-needed oil and gas jobs. The same agency is simultaneously drawing criticism for not doing enough to preserve Colorado’s clean air.

-      CPN did the first in-depth reporting on why Grand Junction’s healthcare system is one of the highest-quality, lowest-cost in the nation. The reporting uncovered lessons that health care professionals and government officials across the state are attempting to replicate, to improve our health and drive down costs.

It’s time to expand this track record into coverage of all issues of importance to Coloradans.

CPN now has a track record of a year of excellent weekly reporting on health care, funded by The Colorado Trust, one of the state’s largest foundations. CPN is ready to replicate this high-quality reporting across other subjects. We hope to draw funding for wide-ranging coverage, from public affairs to the economy, science, health, education, energy, the environment, the arts.

Our news is distributed on www.ColoradoPublicNews.org and through 30 media statewide, which have learned to trust in CPN’s accuracy and fairness. CPN partners include seven newspapers, and five television and 18 radio stations, as well as their websites. Beyond state boundaries, CPN’s high-quality journalism has been published by the websites of the Los Angeles Times, PBS NewsHour and the Huffington Post.

Why do we need CPN?

Across all media, we have lost well over half the journalists in Colorado in the past three years, plus more than 60 just since December 2011 at the two largest remaining newspapers. In many places, advertising is no longer paying enough to support journalism. Nearly all original reporting is produced by newspaper journalists, according to a Pew study, and that work is being slashed. Some newspapers elsewhere have survived online only, but with very small staffs. The pressure for online traffic is pushing news media depending on Internet advertising away from state and local issues toward celebrity and national stories.

So we’d like to ask:
- Do you think that an informed and well-educated public is necessary for a community to thrive?
- Do you think the public needs to understand their government and society in order to run them?
- Do you believe entrepreneurs must learn about community needs before they can fill them?

The people of Colorado need this information. CPN will find it for them.

And CPN needs your ideas and enthusiasm for creating and building this new source of news. Become an expert advisor, a volunteer, a financial backer. Your donation will help produce important news, and deliver it statewide. CPN is operating under the 501c3 of partner Colorado Public Television 12, so contributions are tax-deductible.

Help today. Colorado Public News needs the commitment of community leaders who value this service, and the investment of time and money by community-minded businesses and individuals. In the long run, readers and viewers can make this news project self-sustaining. There are now examples of young online, non-profit news operations – the Texas Tribune and MinnPost – that are moving from donation-based start-ups to self-sustaining news operations.

We welcome your insights on how we can best meet your needs for information and unbiased reporting. We invite you to become a supporter of Colorado Public News. If you have energy and expertise to help, we’d like to hear it. If you have bright ideas on how to cover the cost of news, let us know. And we look forward to talking with you about ways that affiliation can raise awareness of your business or organization.

If you value great journalism and the information it provides to our community, please click through, and tell us how you can help with tax-deductible donations, suggestions, time or expertise..

Colorado Public Television Underwriting Guidelines

» Colorado Public Television IRS Form 990 [PDF]

TV Underwriting Creative Guidelines

Most existing upscale or business brand spots are ideally suited for CPT12’s unique low-clutter, highly credible environment. Credits on CPT12 are intended as a way of thanking and identifying underwriters as good corporate citizens in proliferating high quality programming. Sponsors benefit from the “halo effect” of being associated with CPT12 and its mission to make a meaningful contribution to our community.

What is allowed on CPT12?

  • Spots may be: 15 or: 30 seconds in length.
  • Factual information about the underwriter including location, product name and description of services.
  • Credits may contain 800 telephone number, website address, and logo, use of company tag or slogan.
  • Describe sponsors corporate mission or positioning statement.
  • Use of music of sound effects, and other voice overs. (rights to music must be cleared by client or agency)
  • Event dates and locations

What is not allowed on CPT12?

  • No comparative statements or superlative language. (e.g. the best, bigger, faster)
  • No qualitative statements which involve subjective evaluation of quality (e.g. fine, great, rich, superb)
  • No price information including free, offer price, discount, or financing information.
  • No “call to action” statements which direct the audience, to call, to visit, to try, to compare or to include endorsements.
  • No inducements to buy statements which direct the audience to purchase the product (e.g. free trial period, two-for-one)
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