|September 26, 2013 6:00 PM

“Doctor Hotspot” also a genius

Brenner-PhotoDr. Jeffrey Brenner – AKA “Doctor Hotspot” – has been named one of 24 Genius Grant winners. The healthcare crusader and general practice physician in Camden, N.J, is also a favorite speaker in Colorado healthcare circles. Here he is in a radio interview with Colorado Public News while he was keynoting at the Colorado Health Symposium last year. This summer CPN caught up with him in Aurora, where he again underscored the need for critical reform.

Using data and working in teams, Brenner’s model is designed to identify the sickest patients who are costing the most money. Healthcare pros then work with these patients to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital stays. His system is now being replicated in many parts of the country, including in Aurora and other parts of Colorado.

“The sickest one percent of us are responsible for 30 percent of the costs,” Brenner said. “And by and large, we ignore those patients. We ignore them and move them around our healthcare system in incredibly inefficient ways.
“We’re going to have to think about how we’re using our money, because good care does not look like what we have now.”

As a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant recipient, Brenner will receive $625,000 over the next five years, ostensibly to continue his work.

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