|March 21, 2013 5:15 PM

Highlights of the 2012 Colorado Health Report Card

At first glance, Colorado seems to have fared well on the 2012 Colorado Health Report Card, just released by the Colorado Health Foundation. The state is number one in four categories, number two in two. That’s great grades in 6 of the 38 categories.

But Colorado is number one in several categories. We’re tops in activity for aging adults — but the standard is only one case of physical activity in a month. Colorado adults are the least obese in the country but still 21 percent reach that dangerously high level of weight.

The bright spots? The state has nearly the lowest rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. And Colorado is number one for adolescents using condoms.

Colorado is ranked:

#1: Adolescents and older adults physical activity
#1: Lowest adult obesity
#1: Highest use of condoms by teens
#2: Low adult diabetes
#2: Low adult high blood pressure

#42 for children with insurance
#38 for adolescents with insurance
#38 for children getting preventative dental care
#37 for low birth weight
#36 for adult binge drinking

The report card is published annually by the Colorado Health Foundation in partnership with the Colorado Health Institute to track the health and well-being of Coloradans. The complete report tracks 38 health indicators for what it calls five “life stages” – including newborns, children, teens, adults and aging adults.

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