Family Medicine|September 4, 2009 11:06 AM

VIDEO: Alternative childbirth

Laura and Jason Thielke chose a midwife, and a quiet setting outside a hospital, for the birth of their second child.
Midwives are increasingly accepted, hired by hospitals, and they handle normal births for about one-third of the cost of the average Colorado birth. The Thielkes’ story is moving, fascinating and enlightening — especially if you’ve never seen a baby being born.

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  • Sonya, Sarah and especially Laura – many thanks! Watching it made me jealous Tracy and I didn’t have a birth center available for our births.
    All the best, Joel

  • I was a Mountain Midwifery patient and loved my experience right up to the last minuet when I ended up in the hospital with a C-section!

  • I have been trying to view your Alternative Childbirth video for over 40 minutes- it is a 9 min film!! I am only 5 min in! I do not know why this video will not stream- it would be helpful if this problem can be fixed so that many others are able to view it.

  • As this is a new site, we may have some problems on certain browsers. We’ll contact you to figure out the problem. Thanks.

  • I manage the Mountain Midwifery Mamas, a postpartum mom’s group from the birth center. We have a social network on and I want to post and share it. Is there a way to do that? I tried just posting the link and it didn’t work. Let me know!

  • Oh, and I mean I want to post this video on, don’t know if that was clear…

  • Sorry for all the posts! All I’d need is an embed location or a specific link to where the video is

  • This is what it’s supposed to be like! No nurse “cheerleaders” yelling and shouting for the mother to “PUSH”, a mother who gets to follow her own instincts and retreat into herself while traveling down this path. My first birth experience was at a hospital “birth center” which turned into any other hospital-driven event. I was required to switch back and forth between being in myself and focused on the labor process to having to make decisions and fight for no C-section after 48 hours of labor. Thankfully, my husband supported me and our little blessing heard my coaxing to come out – 30 minutes before the point of no return. My “birth plan” was useless, I received an episiotomy (sp) even though I didn’t want it, wasn’t allowed to touch my baby when she was born because my “hands were dirty” and had to wait almost an hour before I could nurse. All this for a perfect pregnancy and labor! I am SOOOO thankful that there is an actual birth center whose beliefs are that birth is a miraculous event to be “attended” and not “intervened” upon! I’m in my 12th week of our second pregnancy and am looking forward to including MMC in our journey!

  • What a beautiful, peaceful birth. It brought tears to my eyes. I had a very difficult first labor during which our planned homebirth became a hospital birth. I delivered vaginally after 30 hours. I pray my next birth will be as peaceful as this one…and at home. Congratulations!

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful, poetic, life-affirming film with us. The Mountain Midwifery Center is doing blessed work.

  • Many thanks! Watching this made my wife jealous. Fortunately, we have not plan to stop at 2 kids :)

    All the best.

  • I just toured the Mountain Midwifery Center two weeks ago, and the relationship it has with Swedish Medical Center is phenomenal. MMC takes all the patients who want to birth naturally, leaving Swedish free to practice medicine for patients with medical needs. Everyone wins. Truly, MMC has fostered an effective, beautiful model of birthcare that every woman deserves.

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