GJ Healthcare|February 23, 2010 10:00 PM

Part 3 (Video): Collaboration is key to low-cost, high-quality healthcare

[flowplayer src=http://www.kbdi.org/news/wp-content/video/GrandJunction.mov, splash=http://www.kbdi.org/news/wp-content/video/GJHospiceframe.jpg width=450, height=285]

In this 3.5-minute video by videojournalist Sonya Doctorian, Dr. Michael Pramenko explains how Grand Junction has built its health care delivery system. Cooperation, coordination and a high level of communication is essential.

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  • Wow! I am impressed. Way to go Ann! This is a brilliant alternative to traditional news, and a much needed addition for investigative reporting. You are filling a void, I salute your effort and initiative. Your piece on healthcare in Grand Junction is the kind of example of what this country can do to make healthcare a reality for all of us. Keep up the great work!

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