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Take control of your health!

Support CPT12 today and get access to these member-only health & wellness tools:

Using a breakthrough assessment calculator, AgeGage provides an in-depth evaluation that measures your health risks – as well as your true physiological age. It combines gameplay with medical science and interactive coaching – so it's more like playing a video game and less like filling out tax forms!

Once you've done your AgeGage health assessment, WellRight helps you build a custom plan to get your arms around a healthier lifestyle. In addition to personalized meal plans and exercise routines, WellRight uses games, coaches, rewards, team competitions, a Rewards Mall and more to keep you motivated and help with the habits you know you want to break.
Designed to complement each other, AgeGage and WellRight are CPT12 member-only services. Both are HIPAA compliant. Start getting healthy in your own home with these private, personalized tools!

Prescription Discount Card
Once you start using AgeGage & WellRight, you will get access to a special prescription discount card that helps those who pay out-of-pocket for their prescription needs. Some of the perks include:
  • Nationwide coverage of over 60,000 pharmacies including nationwide chains
  • Savings up to 55% on generic prescriptions
  • Savings up to 15% on brand-name prescriptions
  • An average Savings of 21%
  • Bi-lingual Customer Service
See a list of participating pharmacies in Colorado

When you make your pledge today, you will receive an email within 72 hours "WellRight Admin" with a link to these special tools and prescription discount card. Soon you'll be on your way to a healthier you!

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