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Colorado Inside Out: Time Machine

For over twenty years, COLORADO INSIDE OUT (CIO) has offered a balanced, comprehensive look at public affairs issues important to the people of Colorado.

In 2003, CIO-regular David Kopel discovered that the show could travel back in time, a tradition that has become popular with CIO viewers, producers, panelists and craftspeople. The program has now made 11 expeditions into Colorado’s past, and has won a number of Emmys for its outstanding "Time Machine" episodes.

Take a closer look at some of these watershed years in Colorado history below. Highlights include event timeline, journal entries that offer a snapshot of Denver in the mid-1800s, early political cartoons, newspaper articles covering the Titanic disaster and archival photos – including historic shots of Red Rocks under construction and aerial photos of Denver in the late 1950s.

Time Machine: Circa 1973

Original airdate: July 5, 2013

In this special presentation, the CIO panel takes its annual trip in the time machine! This time, the program goes 1973. The panel tackles the progress of the equal rights amendment, controversy with the Crusade for Justice and Chicano rights movement, court ordered busing for DPS, the energy crisis hitting Coloradans at the pumps and the Watergate scandal. Host Dominic Dezzutti is joined by Patricia Calhoun, David Kopel Dani Newsum and Kevin Flynn. Co-producer and head researcher Larry Patchett went to great lengths to be sure the CIO panel covered as many of the major issues from 1973 as possible. And, as we have found in past explorations in the time machine, many of the issues from 40 years ago still resonate today.

Time Machine: Circa 2025

Original airdate: July 5, 2013

Fans have always asked us if we would ever do a time machine show in the future, so we finally went there. Check out the floating hologram talking heads of 2025 talking about the political developments and the collapse of the two party system into something completely different.

Time Machine: Circa 1912

Original airdate: July 6, 2012

This time, the panel is in 1912, the year of the Titanic tragedy, Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Moose candidacy, women’s suffrage marches, war in the Balkans, a revolution in Mexico, and US Marines in Nicaragua, Honduras and Cuba on behalf of Banana Companies.

Taking on identities from the period, the panel discusses some of these current events, and then strikes a local tone with a discussion about Denver's tumultuous city government. A new reform movement has pushed Mayor Robert Speer aside, but the move does not necessarily go well for Denver, or the movement.

Mrs. Margaret Brown, known to many as Molly Brown, is played by Patricia Calhoun. The panel also includes Hobart Drizzlewhit (David Kopel), Gertie West (Dani Newsum), Police Commissioner George Creel (Kevin Flynn), and Ernest Bollier (Raj Chohan).

Read the full description, including detailed information about background materials below.

Background Materials:

Go To City Hall Tonight, Rocky Mountain News, December 12, 1911

Commission Petition Cartoon, Rocky Mountain News, December 13, 1911

Battle of Courthouse Square Cartoon, Rocky Mountain News

Spirit of Riot, Spirit of Peace Cartoon, Rocky Mountain News

Arnold Barricaded Headline, Denver Republican, December 15, 1911

Speer Gunmen Storm Courthouse, Rocky Mountain News, December 15, 1911

Speer the Cossack Cartoon, Rocky Mountain News, December 16, 1911

Speer Political Cartoon

Commission Government Cartoon

Reformer's Tag Day Cartoon, Denver Republican

Nibbled by Ducks Cartoon, Rocky Mountain News

Entitled Fleeing, Rocky Mountain News, March 2, 1912

Electric Cars Ad, Sunday News, March 10, 1912

March 1912 Auto Show Ad

Arnold Cartoon, Denver Times, March 15, 1912

North Pole Cartoon, Denver Times, March 18, 1912

Tomm Powers' The Yater Cartoon, Denver Post

Speer selects new Tax Assessor Cartoon, Denver Post, April 1, 1912

Arnold Path to Office Cartoon, Denver Times, April 14, 1912

Wealth from Want Ads Cartoon, Denver Times, April 14, 1912

Taft vs Theodore Roosevelt Cartoon, Denver Post, April 15, 1912

Theodore Roosevelt vs. Taft Cartoon, Denver Post, April 16, 1912

Theodore Roosevelt Cartoon, Denver Times

Mayor Arnold Cartoon, Denver Republican, April 16, 1912

Election Commission Cartoon, Denver Post, April 17, 1912

Titanic, Day 1 False Headline, Denver Times, April 15, 1912

Titanic Headline, Denver Republican, April 16, 1912

Titanic, 2nd-Day Headline, Denver Times, April 16, 1912

Titanic Headline, Denver Post, April 16, 1912

How the Titanic Would Liik if Placed on End in Arapahoe Street, Denver Post, 1912

Crazed Woman May Be Mrs. Brown, Rocky Mountain News, April 19, 1912

Time Machine: Circa 1951

Original airdate: July 1, 2011

In this edition, host Raj Chohan, along with Patricia Calhoun, David Kopel, Dani Newsum and Kevin Flynn visit 1951. Topics include the growing war in Korea, preparing for the bomb with duck and cover drills, potential government expansion in Colorado and construction in Denver.

Background Materials:

1951 Event Timeline
Korean Conflict Timeline

Denver Library Plans

Denver Library Exterior

Denver Library Elevations

Denver Library Exterior

Denver Library Entrance

MayorQuigg Newton

Denver Coliseum

Stock Yards, Pre-Coliseum

Mayor Newton's Council on Race Relations.jpg

Time Machine: Circa 1935

Original airdate: July 2, 2010

In this edition, the panel visits 1935 during a time of the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, immigration issues and growing tensions in Europe and Asia.

Background Materials:

1935 Background Information

Civilian Conservation Corps

Civic Center Park

City and County Building

Red Rocks Tunnel

Red Rocks Tunnel

Red Rocks Trading Post

Red Rocks Construction

Red Rocks Construction

Red Rocks Construction

Red Rocks before Civilian Conservation Corps

Red Rocks before Civilian Conservation Corps performance

Red Rocks paths before Civilian Conservation Corps

Time Machine: Circa 1959

Original airdate: July 3, 2009

In this edition, host Raj Chohan, along with Patricia Calhoun, David Kopel, Craig Silverman and Kevin Flynn visit 1959. Topics include the controversial expansion of Interstate 70 into the Elyria neighborhood, the growing impact of the military complex on Colorado's economy and the current crime spree in Denver.

Background Materials:

1959 Event Timeline
Cultural Events of 1959

Denver, 1958

Denver, 1959

I.M. Pei Hyperbolic Parabaloid

Denver, 1960s

Time Machine: Circa 1858

Original airdate: July 7, 2008

In this edition, host Raj Chohan is joined by Patricia Calhoun, David Kopel, Dani Newsum and Kevin Flynn for a visit to 1858 -- just as the city of Denver is just being founded. This Emmy Award-winning episode includes cameos from Denver City Auditor Dennis Gallagher and Dr. Tom Noel.

Background Materials:

Kansas Territory Timeline
Horace Greeley's Version of the Trip to Denver
Excerpts from Albert D. Richardson's Beyond the Mississippi

Time Machine: Circa 1927

Original airdate:

Background Materials

Background images for Time Machine: 1959, 1951 & 1935 courtesy of The Denver Public Library.



Background images for Time Machine: 1858 courtesy of Four Mile Park. Additional information can be found on the webpage of Professor Tom Noel, AKA Dr. Colorado. 



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