Shift Happens! An Evening with Robert Holden

Colorado Convention Center: Rooms 201-203   |   Thursday, October 17, 2013   |   7:00 pm   |   view map
Join Robert Holden for an intimate evening in which he will talk about the people, principles, and practices that have changed his life and inspired his work.

Throughout the evening Robert will discuss how he met his first spiritual teacher at 18 years old, share his early experiences with The Happiness Project, reflect on his work with Success Intelligence, and discuss his work with clients such as Dove and The Real Beauty Campaign. He will also explain his Loveability program, founded in 2006, which explores the psychology and spirituality of love.

In his inimitable style, Robert will mix storytelling, inquiries, meditations, poetry and music in a way that is inspiring and entertaining. There will also be plenty of time to ask Robert questions.

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