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CPT12 Sustainer

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Contribute $5 or more each month through automatic bank transfers or credit/debit card charges and become a CPT12 Sustainer. That means continuous membership for you without the hassle of mail or phone renewal reminders from us.  
Being a CPT12 Sustainer is eco-friendly. As your membership will always be current, we will not need to mail you renewal reminders.
You're in control. You can increase, decrease or discontinue your support at any time by contacting our membership office by email or by phone at 303.296.1212.
Receive 2-for-1 discounts at restaurants and attractions with the CPT12 MemberCard. Learn more
Donors who support CPT12 on an ongoing basis have a long-term impact on CPT12 and the environment!
become a CPT12 Sustainer

More Giving Options

  Make a SINGLE donation without a gift
  Make a SINGLE donation with a gift

Donate by Phone or Mail

  Call 1.800.690.5234
(24 hours a day)
  Download and mail in our donation form


Visit our membership FAQ page or contact our membership office by email or at 303.296.1212 during business hours.

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