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Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick "Matthew Modine - Full Metal Jacket Diary: an "appumentary""

Friday, April 18 at 5:30 am on Channel 12.1
Matthew Modine played the lead role of Private Joker in Stanley Kubrick's film, Full Metal Jacket. Kubrick encouraged him to take photos and keep a journal while on the set. Matthew went one step further. ... [See more]

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Barry Kibrick Between the Lines
Posted: July 14, 2012 by Giselle Massi
Program: Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick
Barry Kibrick has such a unique, uplifting interview style, one that comes from his sincere appreciation of the writer's gift and extensive preparation for his guests on his show "Between the Lines." I hope CPT 12 will consider moving Barry's award-winning series to prime time where it rightfully belongs. This from a former TV writer with The Denver Post with an eye for great television. Giselle M. Massi www.gisellemassi.com
CPT12 Response:
Thanks for writing to us and sharing your comments.  I will pass them on to the Program Director for consideration.
It sounds like with your background that you probably know that prime time slots are highly coveted.  That can make it a challenge when we are trying to schedule all the great programming that we would like.
Again, thanks for your comments.
Kind regards,
Pamela Petti
Programming Assistant | Colorado Public Television

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Program Length: 30 minutes
Rating:  G
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