Lucky Chow

Lucky Chow

LUCKY CHOW travels across the United States to explore Asian cuisine’s impact on American food culture. Hosted by Danielle Chang, the series explores a wide variety of Asian food and drink while meeting the new generation of chefs and entrepreneurs dedicated to keeping the traditions alive.

Season 1

1: Ramen Mania

New Yorker-turned-Japanese-ramen-chef Ivan Orkin iscusses ramen culture in New York versus Tokyo.

2: Koreatown U.S.A.

New York and Los Angeles, home to the two largest Korean populations in America, are explored.

3: Northern Thai Cuisine

Andy Ricker, a chef from Portland, Oregon is known for bringing “authentic” Thai food to America.

4: Filipino Entrepreneurs

PJ Quesada of the Filipino Food Movement explains Filipino cuisine in San Mateo, California.

5: Bay Area’s Pacific Rim Cuisine

Olivia Wu, designer of the original Asian restaurant concepts on Google’s “campus,” is introduced.

6: Chinatown, Reimagined

The evolution of Chinese food in America is explored in New York City. Peking duck is prepared.

Season 2

1: Trending Japanese

Danielle visits New York’s first cat cafe; a Brooklyn izakaya run by a Frenchman in thrall to Japanese anime and manga; and a California suburban mom who’s a star on the international bento-box circuit.

2: Asian Farm to Table

Farmers are the new rock stars of the food world, and in this episode Danielle visits agriculturists large and small, traditional and cutting edge.

3: Food of the Gods

Danielle visits an imposing Buddhist temple where she is served an artful vegetarian feast; a Sikh temple where she helps cook Indian flatbread; and a Queens mosque’s annual food fair.

4: Made in China

Danielle checks out an industrial kitchen where traditional “confinement meals” are made for new mothers across the country.

5: The New Indian

Danielle interviews a former financier who offers a light, healthy take on Indian classics at his fast-casual start-up Inday.

6: Taiwan’s True Flavors

Danielle gets back to her roots in an episode devoted to the distinctive, rustic cuisine of Taiwan.

7: Asian Food, American Dreams

Asian cuisine is increasingly the engine driving the growth of the American food industry. Danielle talks to three Asian-American entrepreneurs about the secrets of their success.