Pam Parker


Director of Marketing & Social Impact

this is Pam

Originally from Birmingham, Michigan, she spent 8+ years in our nation’s capitol earning her chops in advertising and communications work along with an MBA from American University. Then the East Coast got too humid, crowded and expensive and Pam found her way to Denver for the sun and lifestyle. 19 years and 11-year old twins later, Pam is still enjoying the beauty that is Colorado which now truly is home.

this is Pam at CPT12

I wear a few hats these days including Communications and Social Impact: overseeing our brand messaging, social media strategy, and public relations; Community Engagement: project management of American Graduate and other grant-funded impact and content development initiatives; and Grants: foundation and corporate relations that result in grant funding.

contact Pam

You can contact Pam online, or call her at 303.991.5020.

these are things Pam likes

  • Beets. Yes, beets. And turkey bacon. And Earl Grey tea. I eat and drink these every day.
  • Yoga and pilates. Not a big team sports gal, except to watch my kiddos.
  • Eating good food and laughing with my beloved, friends and family.
  • Traveling. By road or plane. I love it. Can’t wait for my next trip…wherever that is.
  • The beach. I adore sand between my toes. I miss the east coast for the ocean.
  • Fleece sheets in the winter.
  • A good haircut and a pedicure.
  • Kind people.
  • Knitting and doodling.
  • Surprises…the good kind.
  • That I lived outside London as a kid for two and a half years. I had a British accent, wore plimsolls and traveled all over Europe.

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