Crossover: The Conversation

In the boundless realm of art, where personal expression can be practiced virtually without restraint, there still exist boundaries rarely crossed.

But in “Crossover,” a 2016 groundbreaking exhibit held in Denver, Colorado, visionary artist Doug Kacena found a way to bridge the divide between representational art and conceptual abstract art – Kacena painted over 12 completed works by Colorado’s most talented representational painters, re-envisioning their traditional beauty in brash abstract strokes. In return, Kacena surrendered 12 of his own finished paintings, allowing them to be re-interpreted along representational lines.

Many art-world observers praised “Crossover” as inspired. Others condemned it as impudent.

As part of the exhibition, award-winning PBS documentary filmmaker David Schler created a short video that captured the entire process as irreplaceable works of art were redacted, revealing treasures as yet unknown.

Now, a feature-length film will pick up where the exhibition video left off.

Currently in production, CROSSOVER: THE CONVERSATION will look at the impassioned dialogue inspired by the “Crossover” exhibit on both the local and national level. The documentary will explore art as a metaphor for how each of us us – whether we are artists or not – create our own perceptions of reality. This timely film will also explore the “Crossover” exhibit in terms finding common ground with those who, at first glance, seem to be worlds apart from ourselves.

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