Frank Mechau’s Modern West

Colorado artist Frank Mechau (1904 – 1946) created magnificent, beautiful artworks that infused a love of the American West with an admiration for Italian Renaissance painters and an awareness of 20th century Modernism.

In his short lifetime, the vision and virtuosity of Frank Mechau as an artist gained him national renown with exhibitions in Chicago, New York, Detroit, Washington DC, Denver and Colorado Springs. A recipient of three Guggenheim Fellowships, Mechau created numerous artworks for President Roosevelt’s New Deal art programs. And during World War II he was one of a select group of artists commissioned to document the war effort.

Now in production, FRANK MECHAU’S MODERN WEST follows Mechau’s amazing story from his early years in Colorado. As a strapping young man, Mechau partook in fight competitions to support his artistic goals. He studied in Denver, Chicago, New York, and Europe, and later became an influential teacher at both the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center and at Columbia University, NYC.

Mechau always returned to Colorado and the West where his love of the land and it’s occupants influenced his art. Much of his best-known artwork depicts scenes inspired by the American West, scenes rendered in a distinctive style that conveys elegant movement and fluidity in the arrangement of figures and forms. His love of horses, athletes and the West inspired many large artworks and murals.

Despite the fact that his artistic career spanned only twenty years, Mechau produced paintings, murals, and drawings of exceptional potency and poignancy.

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