Women of Abstract Expressionism

Currently in production, WOMEN OF ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM takes a fresh look at the rediscovery of women abstract artists active in the mid-twentieth-century art movement. Through interviews and archival footage, the documentary allows the female artists to tell their personal stories. Was it the prevailing sexism of their time that made them take second place to their male counterparts? Communicating through the visual language of abstract-expressionism, these women reveal their life experiences in association with place and memory.

Working with Gwen Chanzit, curator of the Denver Art Museum exhibition Women of Abstract Expressionism, the documentary provides a serious re-evaluation of the role of female abstract-expressionist artists working during the 1940s and ‘50s. Featuring artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Jay DeFeo, Grace Hartigan, Mary Abbott, Perle Fine, Sonia Gechtoff, Judith Godwin, Deborah Remington, and Ethel Schwabacher, the film explores the key elements of abstract expressionism while looking closely at the artists’ direct powerful paintings.

WOMEN OF ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM is co-directed by Heather Dalton and producer Joshua V. Hassel, working with writer Michael Paglia and narrator/music producer Susan Gatschet.

Pictured: Helen Frankenthaler, Western Dream, 1957.

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