Eat Drink Italy

Eat! Drink! Italy! with Vic Rallo

This series takes viewers on a fast-paced, informative tour of Italy’s food and wine scene — from the Alps to the southern shores of Sicily. Along the way, Italian food and wine expert and restaurateur Vic Rallo shares his contagious enthusiasm for Italian ingredients, techniques and history while highlighting the country’s exceptional cuisine.

Season 3

1: Simple Is Key

Vic is in San Danielle to visit a prosciutto maker. Vic and Tony Verdoni interview five young women who are helping to redefine the Piemonte area’s Barolo wines. Vic makes the classic Mozzarella sandwich.

2: You Get Out What You Put In

Paestum’s Chef Matteo Sangiovanni teaches Vic his “reversed” ravioli. Vic visits chef Massimo Camia in Piemonte as he prepares a locally inspired rabbit dish.

3: You Are What You Eat

Vic is in Tuscany with Chef Lia Schiera to make her spinach filled crepes. Vic and Tony Verdoni talk about one of the best Chiantis. Chef Roberto Rossi teaches Vic his unique dessert Calzone.

4: The Best Ingredients

Chef Lia Schiera returns to show Vic her wonderfully simple vegetables and pasta recipe. Vic and Tony Verdoni talk about the relatively unknown Cannubi wine. Vic is in Turin with chef Nicola DiTarsia as they make a basic tagliorini and sausage pasta.

5: Elegant But Approachable

Vic and Tony Verdoni are in Lombardy to talk about Franciacorta wines and how best to pair them. Chef Patrizio Cirri makes a basic Tuscan tomato meat sauce.

6: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Vic is in Campania with chef Matteo Sangiovanni creates a dish using Mozzarella in three ways. Vic and Tony Verdoni talk about the Montefalco area’s up and coming Sagrantino wine. Vic visits a buffalo mozzarella factory.

7: The Locals Know

Tuscany’s chef Patrizio Cirri returns to make a typical braised Tuscan beef. Vic is in Verona with chef Luisa Zecchinato to learn how to bake her Grana Padano cheese biscuits. Vic and Tony Verdoni are in the Florence area to talk about Vin Santo dessert wine and pairing it with two great local cookies.

8: Trust The Land

Vic and Tony Verdoni talk to Lamberto Frescobaldi about his unique attempt to help prisoners make wine and enter society with winemaking skills. Vic visits Campania and chef Lina Fischetti as she makes her local lamb and smoked potato recipe.

9: The Spice Of Life

Chef Filippo Oscar Artioli shows Vic his signature pasta dish and pairs it with the Montefalco area’s wine. Vic is near Naples to learn chef Elio Bonafiglia’s pizza dough recipe with a unique ingredient.

10: Be Picky

Vic and Tony Verdoni talk with one of Italy’s best know wine families. Vic and chef Nicola DiTarsia make a basic torteloni pasta from the Torino area. Vic and Tony taste a 1931 vintage wine.

11: Use The Best

Vic visits Parma and Chef Rosaria Tunnera to learn how to make a unique but simple savarin (dome) of rice. Vic is in Campania with chef Matteo Sangiovanni as he puts his new twist on the venerable spaghetti and clam sauce recipe.

12: A Little Knowledge

Vic visits with Sorrento’s chef Antonino Esposito to learn his masterful pizza recipe. Vic is in Tuscany with chef Patrizio Cirri to prepare a sausage crostini. Vic and Tony Verdoni are in Campania to talk to some of the area’s dynamic and successful winemakers.

13: Easy Is Best

Vic travels to Piemonte to learn chef Massimo Camia’s hazelnut dessert. Tony Verdoni talks to an Amarone winemaker. Vic and Tony talk about the delicious and versatile Piave cheese.