Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen

Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen

In JULIE TABOULIE’S LEBANESE KITCHEN, chef and Lebanese-American Julie Taboulie celebrates the colorful and flavorful cuisine of Lebanon, and shares an authentic array of original recipes that have been handed down in her family for over three generations.

Season 1

1: Garden of Dreams

In the premiere of the Lebanese-flavored cooking series, host Julie Taboulie visits Mama’s Glorious Garden; and shares recipes that feature ingredients sourced from it. Also: green-thumb gardening tips.

2: It’s Taboulie Time

Julie Taboulie recalls the dishes of her youth; and makes taboulie, a tart, tangy and tasty salad. She also visits her mother’s garden; discusses how she got her stage name; and shows how she makes lamb kabobs, lahem mishwee, and Lebanese-style French fries, batata maqlieh.

3: Meet Me at the Market

A visit to a farmers market affords Julie the opportunity to acquire the ingredients for makbouseh, a Lebanese-style squash stew. She also prepares Lebanese pasta in a garlic sauce; and fried squash blossoms.

4: Eggplant Extravaganza

Recipes include batenjen mishwee, a fire-roasted eggplant spread; eggplants stuffed with meat and pine nut, sheikh el’ mahshi; and bayd b batenjen baked eggs and eggplants.

5: Street Food Star, Shawarma

How to make shawarma lahem, a street-food sandwich that features marinated lamb meat, caramelized onions and stewed tomatoes wrapped in warm pita bread.

6: Stop & Smell The Roses

Rose water-infused sweets are featured. Included: bellawriyeh, a shredded phyllo dough dessert layered with a pistachio-walnut filling; and eish al bolbol, shredded phyllo dough sweets topped with pistachios.

7: It’s a Magnificent Morning with Manoush & Mama

Julie and her mother make manoush bi zaatar, dough pies topped with the Lebanese spice blend called zaatar. Also: homemade yogurt; and ahwa, authentic Arabic coffee.

8: Magical Mezze Amidst the Moonlight

Julie prepares mezze, a selection of small dishes. Included: hummus; baba ghanouj; and mouhamarah, which is a smoky roasted red pepper and walnut spread.

9: Falling For Fattoush

Recipes include a peasant-style bread salad; fatteh hummus; and pita chips.

10: Fish, Spice & Everything Nice

How to make samak harrah, a spicy fish dishes. It’s paired with rez b macaroune, a long grain rice, and sleek b zeit, an orzo pasta pilaf with sautéed arugula and onion leeks.

11: Spring Sensations

How to make xaruff mishwee, a crown roasted leg of lamb that’s infused with a bouquet of fresh herbs; freekah, fire-roasted baby wheat grains; and steamed spring vegetables tossed in a garlic and fresh-herb butter sauce called khoudra b samneh.

12: My Love Letter to Lebanon

Kibbeh, the national dish of Lebanon, is prepared in three different ways. Included: kibbeh nayeh, a Lebanese-style steak tartare delicacy; kibbeh kbekib, a meat pie; and kibbeh batata, a vegetable spread.

13: Lebanese Sweets for the Holiday Season

The Season 1 finale features seasonal sweets, including baklawa, a phyllo dough and walnut diamond-cut dessert; homemade phyllo dough cups called baklawa b ashta; and knefeh.