Moveable Feast

Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking

Hosted by award-winning Australian chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Pete Evans, MOVEABLE FEAST WITH FINE COOKING takes viewers on a culinary journey across America, combing flavorful ingredients, top chefs and beautiful locations for the ultimate dining experience.

Season 3

1: Homer, Alaska

Mandy prepares a wild forged salad along with the signature Tutka Bay sling cocktail, while her mom Kristen makes fisherman’s stew with mussels, crab, scallops, and tomato broth.

2: Oahu, Hawaii

Chef Jon makes his famous smoking mai tai cocktail, hibachi-style Kauai shrimp, and Kahaluu roast pork belly.

3: Louisville, Kentucky

Host Pete Evans joins top chefs Anthony Lamas and Daniel Wright at Ambrosia Farm outside Louisville, Kentucky for a bourbon-themed dinner.

4: Culinary Institute of America

The menu includes classic caponata with prosciutto, grilled octopus salad, sun-dried tomato gnocchi, and chef Bruno Difabio’s famous Elise’s and Bronx House pizzas.

5: Miami 2 – Biscayne Bay

Recipes include crab fritters, mixed seafood fideua, and dessert peaches on the grill.

6: San Antonio, Texas

Jason Dady cooks up a roasted chile salsa while chef Diana Barrios Trevino prepares puffy chicken tacos.

7: Maui, Hawaii

A traditional Maui feast is prepared at the Noho’ana Farm known for its taro and pounding poi.

8: Anchorage, Alaska

Recipes include grilled king salmon with tomato-anchovy vinaigrette, pan-seared halibut with cucumber-radish slaw, and salmon belly with golden raisins and ginger-tamari dressing.

9: The Big Island, Hawaii

Chef Peter Merriman takes Pete on a trip up the Kohala Mountains to the beautiful Kahua Ranch where they pick-up Wagyu beef for the night’s feast.

10: Nashville, Tennessee

Pete hits the road with Nashville food legends Matt Bolus and Trevor Moran. Recipes include baby collards and swiss chard salad with gribiche and grilled onions and more.

11: Miami 1 – Fruit and Spice Park

Pete meets up with three fabulous Miami chefs – Michelle Bernstein, Lindsay Autry, and Cindy Hudson. The three travel to Paradise Farms to pick-up banana leaves and other fresh veggies for the night’s feast.

12: Fresno, California

Pete heads to Fresno with California chefs David Kinch and Ludo Lefebvre. They prepare grilled lamb shoulder with apricots, eggplant caviar, and more.

13: Austin, Texas

Pete and father-son chef duo Jack and Bryce Gilmore prepare goat carnitas with all the fixins, Brazos Valley cheesy grits, chicken-fried goat, and beet hummus with vegetables.

Season 4

1: Los Angeles – Curtis Stone and Francis Derby

Chefs Curtis Stone of Maude restaurant and Francis Derby of The Cannibal restaurant join host Pete to explore the culinary mecca of Los Angeles.

2: Bozeman, Montana – Melissa Harrison and Eduardo Garcia

Big Sky meets lamb in Bozeman, Montana, where chefs Melissa Harrison and Eduardo Garcia create dishes with a rustic flair.

3: Charleston, South Carolina – Mike Lata and Jason Stanhope

Pete explores the culinary wonders of Charleston, South Carolina with chefs Mike Lata and Jason Stanhope.

4: San Francisco – David Barzelay and Brandon Jew

Pete prepares a meal with fellow chefs David Barzelay of San Francisco’s Lazy Bear and Brandon Jew of Mister Jiu’s.

5: Baltimore, Maryland – Duff Goldman and Bryan Voltaggio

Pete takes on blue crab country when he joins chefs Duff Goldman and Bryan Voltaggio in Baltimore.

6: San Diego, California – Brian MaLarkey and Javier Plascencia

Pete and the crew explore the culinary style of San Diego, California, where chefs Brian MaLarkey and Javier Plascencia create dishes with a Mexican-Cali flair.

7: Davidson, North Carolina – Joe and Katy Kindred

Pete heads to Davidson, North Carolina to meet with the owners of Kindred restaurant, chef Joe Kindred and his wife Katy.

8: Charleston, South Carolina – Sean Brock and Benjamin Dennis

Chefs Sean Brock and Benjamin “BJ” Dennis create classic southern dishes with all the Southern charm.

9: Topping, Virginia – Ryan and Travis Vroxton and chef Dylan Fultineer

Pete meets skilled oystermen Ryan & Travis Croxton as well as chef Dylan Fultineer.

10: Outstanding in the Field – Chef Oliver Ridgeway

Pete visits Outstanding in the Field, a visiting chef-based farm-to-table dinner experience in Sacramento, California, with chef Oliver Ridgeway.

11: Greenough, Montana – Chef Ben Jones and Rory Schepisi

Pete joins chef Ben Jones of Paws Up and grilling master Rory Schepisi to experience a classic Montana barbecue.

12: Durham, North Carolina – Andrea and Brendan Reusing

Pete Evans is joined by the Lantern restaurant co-founders and siblings Andrea & Brendan Reusing to create an amazing local feast.

13: Washington DC – Mike Isabella and Jennifer Carroll

Pete joins chefs Mike Isabella and Jennifer Carroll for a seafood extravaganza and and learns about different varieties of smoked fish.