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Mission & Vision


To cultivate an informed, energized community in Colorado by connecting diverse people through education, shared experiences, and reflective civic discourse. 


To enrich and strengthen the culture of the state and region through innovative, high-quality programming and services that address substantive social and educational needs.

Colorado Public Television strives to fulfill this mission and vision by:

  • Exercising and supporting freedom of expression and independence from political and commercial forces
  • Respecting our viewers, members and public as, first and foremost, inquisitive and discerning citizens
  • Addressing social issues and public concerns that are not otherwise adequately covered in the community
  • Cultivating an environment of discovery, learning, collaboration, mutual regard, tolerance and civic pride
  • Encouraging experimentation, creativity, new ideas and high standards in all aspects of our work
  • Providing a safe haven for children
  • Serving under-represented interests by providing access to diverse and opposing viewpoints
  • Working cooperatively and in partnership with other organizations and interests that share our goals in the community
  • Exercising responsible stewardship of our human, fiscal and other resources.

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