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Hello, April! CPT12 welcomes the month of April and is looking forward to our upcoming broadcast and digital premiere of Les Miserables – the timeless story of love, compassion and the struggle amongst the haves and the have nots. With a plot as relevant today as it was in the socially tumultuous 19th century, you really must tune in to watch this new 6-part adaption (or go online to binge it all at once).

Elements of love, loss, and honor are woven in to the tapestry of Les Miserables. But its focus on social injustice seems especially timely. The recent discovery that many wealthy parents have bought their kids a spot at coveted universities has us thinking more about that age-old navigation between the haves and have nots, unjust justice, and a different set of rules for each socio-economic class.

So, nearly 160 years after Les Miserables was written, where do we think we are on that issue?

Elitism, aided by those willing to be complicit in perpetuating elite privilege, still exists (at least covertly); worse, the long-term impact of being a “have not” can burden generations. It’s not just gaming the system to buy your kid into a coveted university, it’s butting in the line of opportunity ahead of others who’ve earned their spot in line with merit. It’s not just the disparity in judicial sentencing, it’s the misperception of lesser worth cast upon those from different ethnic groups, those living with mental health challenges, and those with different financial means.

With all the strides in social engagement, communications and the technology that drives them, we do not know each other as individuals any better than we did in the 1800s. Storytelling isn’t the answer, but it’s a good start. By sharing the stories of our own journeys, we can see the commonalities that bind us together, and we learn new concepts from those on journeys different from our own. Intellectually, we accept that the size of a bank account isn’t a good measure of an individual’s value, but we need to imprint that fact deeper within our belief systems.

As we settle in to Spring – the season of hope and renewal – CPT12 will rededicate itself to providing a wide range of diverse life stories through our content for kids, seniors, and everyone in between. Together, let’s set the bar higher than it was centuries ago, and expect from ourselves greater respect, honor and compassion toward our fellow man – particularly toward those on more challenging journeys. And we need you, our viewers and members, to hold us accountable. Your opinions, regardless of your financial support status with us, will always be welcome at CPT12.