Holidays. Connecting. Hope. Welcome Here.


Welcome, December! This is a special month of celebrating family traditions – spending time with family we consider to be friends, and friends that we consider family. December brings out the best in all of us – we try to be a little kinder, a little more patient, and a bit more empathetic toward each other.

December 4th is Colorado Gives Day, and provides us with a great opportunity to fulfill on those ideals. Many nonprofit organizations will be reminding us of the work they do right here in Colorado. I love that we pull together to help make our communities even stronger by supporting local efforts and by sharing local stories. I give a bit more to the organizations that I support on this day because I know that my support matters.

At CPT12 we are Colorado’s storyteller, and we’ve been bringing local stories to our viewers for almost forty years. Through our collaborations and production work, we helped raise awareness for:

  • Colorado high schoolers, through our Both Sides of the Story series
  • Colorado veterans, through our work with Freedom Service Dogs and Come Back Yoga
  • Women Living below the poverty line, through our work with the Women’s Bean Project
  • Colorado kids in foster care programs through our support of Adoption Options
  • Civically engaged, Colorado citizens who tuned in for our Colorado Decides and Votey McVoteface 2018, bi-partisan midterm election debates and coverage.

We do this work because we believe that there is room for all boats to rise. We believe that there is still interest in the good news that comes from inspiring stories, and within this local content, we choose to illustrate how positive impact can change people’s lives. We believe that when we share stories of hope, the entire community benefits.

As my friends and colleagues will tell you, I am uncomfortable asking for financial support. I was raised in a family that didn’t discuss finances and we sure didn’t ask for financial support from anyone. But my dedication to CPT12 and to the work we do for Colorado pushes me outside of my comfort zone and makes it a bit easier to ask you to consider supporting CPT12 (Colorado Public Television) during this year’s Colorado Gives Day campaign. When you think about the stories that really touch your heart and inspire you, there is often a video production that brought you closer to the people in the story. That’s what we do and we believe that our work makes a tremendous impact on bringing our challenges and our successes into view.

We hope that you will consider making a gift to Colorado Public Television on Colorado Gives Day; you can support our work at Your voice and your engagement matter to us, it lets us know that you think we’re on the right track for Colorado. If you’ve already scheduled your gift, thank you for your support. If you are about to click on the link above, thank you! You make all the difference.

Kim Johnson
President & General Manager

P.S. Let me also take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very healthy and joyous holiday season! We have lots of great family-friendly programming planned.