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6:00 am Wai Lana Yoga
Arch And Relax
6:30 am Priscilla's Yoga Stretches
6:45 am Priscilla's Yoga Stretches
7:00 am Sit and Be Fit
All Systems Go!
7:30 am Wild Kratts
Blowfish Blowout
8:00 am Curious George
Curious George Beats the Band/Hats and a Hole
8:30 am Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!; The
Digging the Deep/Puddle Puzzle
9:00 am Peg + Cat
The Tree Problem/Another Tree Problem
9:30 am Dinosaur Train
Fast Friends/T. rex Teeth
10:00 am Sesame Street
A Song for the Letter G
10:30 am 1001 Nights
"The Boy Who Cried Science" & "Prince Ahmad"
11:00 am Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer
The Saddle
11:30 am Quilt In A Day
Quatrefoil & Cups and Saucers
12:30 pm Out of Ireland
1:00 pm Charlie Rose
2:00 pm Film School Shorts
Playing with Power
2:30 pm On Story
Indie Filmmaking in Hollywood: A Conversation with Jay Duplass
3:00 pm Simply Ming
Michael Schlow
3:30 pm Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook
A French Country Table
4:00 pm Tina's Ageless Kitchen
Cooking with Kids
4:30 pm Jazzy Vegetarian; The
Tofu Surprise
5:00 pm Journal
5:30 pm Democracy Now!
6:30 pm Tavis Smiley
6:57 pm Head On
7:00 pm Colorado Inside Out
Time Machine 1973 (Extended Edition)
8:00 pm Colorado Inside Out
CIO Time Machine: 1940
8:30 pm Colorado Inside Out
Time Machine Special: Circa 1964
9:00 pm Colorado Inside Out
Time Machine: 1951
9:30 pm Colorado Inside Out
Time Machine Special: Circa 1912
10:00 pm On the Psychiatrist's Couch with Daniel Amen
12:00 am Brain Maker with David Perlmutter, MD
2:00 am Healing ADD with Daniel Amen, MD & Tana Amen, RN
4:00 am Gary Null: Reboot the Brain Healing the Brain Naturally