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Original message: I forgot to add one more comment in my former posting which I think is important to note. When I watched FrackNation, Even though I am extremely opposed to Fracking, I learned something I otherwise would not have. Some of the Farmers that signed leases to allow Fracking on their lands stated that had they not they would not have been able to continue farming as they have for generations and that the monies they earned from these leases enabled them to keep their farms and their way of life. This is important to take note of because it is yet another sad and revealing point that our Farmers are struggling so much they can't afford to lovingly and responsibly work their land to grow healthy food. Take notice of this important disclosure. Why can't they afford to keep their lands intact without having to make these types of deals? I think that question bears answer, which, when answered, will be fairly, responsibly and expeditiously presented on CPT12 to it's members, viewers and loyal audience. Thank you CPT12, I don't know what I would do without you.
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