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Original message: I have a deep love and respect for dogs and their wild cousins (wolves, coyotes, etc.) I have rescued several dogs over the years and volunteered at wolf sanctuaries. Their happiness and well being is of the utmost importance to me. My latest dog, adopted from the Boulder Humane Society, was the most extremely out-of-control dog I've ever encountered. He had every bad habit in the book, from chewing and tugging on leashes, to shredding furniture when left alone, to jumping fences and running off. Training techniques that had worked on my other dogs did not work at all on him. I was getting near wit's end and contemplating the unthinkable (giving up and returning him to the shelter). Watching this show was a huge turning point in our relationship. While it is true that many dogs do not need the kinds of training techniques outlined in this show, some dogs do. Within a few days of watching this show and consistently applying its techniques, my dog went from a hyper-active anxious troublemaker to a calm peaceful companion who I can take to the office, introduce to other dogs, and take running and walking regularly with no distress. I have no doubt that he is far happier now than he was before, and it only took a few days to get here. When I decided to make a donation to cpt12 inspired by this show, I was appalled by the horribly negative comments. The positive change that this show made for me and my dog was tremendous. I wish people would be more open minded and less judgmental. These techniques may not be appropriate for every dog or every situation, but they definitely work wonders in some cases.
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