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Original message: Your series is riddle with half truths and misleading commentary, including that by the fundraisers (using a 12 year old........really?) I noticed the careful wording by your film makers accomplices by saying that the water taken from a fracked well was full of toxins and cancer causing chemicals, then comparing them from Oil and Gas experts who said that the chemicals were nothing more that detergents used to dissolve clay soils (which is true) and that you could drink the solution. The continuous play on this is ridiculous and your fund raising deserves better and more truthful topics to raise funds for your publicly sponsored and taxpayer supported station. Please stop advancing this administrations agenda and use more creditable sources. No professor from School of Mines or equally trained petroleum engineer was not included in your fundraising panel but just the same old wore out hippies that continually man your phones advancing their tiresome agendas.
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