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Original message: I am in shock that you aired "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home "Roasts of Veal and Lamb". Even meat eaters have (some) morals and would never eat a baby cow - that is in such poor taste, vile and morally reprehensible to encourage people to eat babies!!!! Baby boy cows (VEAL) are a byproduct of the dairy industry. Cows naturally must be pregnant to produce milk which is intended for their babies upon birth. So humans steal the cow's breast milk from that baby and EAT the baby - What the?????? Those baby boy cows never see the light of day nor can they turn around in their pen. They are intentionally deprived of a nutritious diet so that they become anemic and their flesh is tender b/c humans like tender baby meat apparently. THIS IS SICK and PBS should not be supporting this industry. Veal and dairy farming has consistently been exposed for cruelty. This farm in this video was recently shut down by as a result of this video. "The abuse of these infant calves is merciless". http://www.humanesociety.org/news/news/2009/10/veal_investigation_103009.html I want my donation back and I will never give again. Who is making your programming decisions over there? They should be fired. Mary Ann Ex Channel 12 viewer
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