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10 comments in the last 6 months
Gender Pay Gap
Posted: April 3, 2015 by Name Withheld
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
Both the federal government and the state of Colorado have laws that guarantee pay equality for equal work regardless of race, gender or age. But, there is a gender pay gap in Colorado according to studies by the AAUW. Why don't you do a study of the gender pay gap in Colorado to check on the facts? If you also find that a gap exists, find out why the state can't or won't uphold the law. Also, examine Colorado companies that are responsible for the pay gap so the public can exercise their right to do do business (or not) with those companies. Elizabeth Cady Stanton championed the cause of gender equality years ago -- why shouldn't you, in the public interest, continue the crusade and get out the facts to the public. Certainly many of your audience would be interested. It bothers me to think that my grand-daughters, on graduating from college, may not earn a salary equal to a man graduating from the same school at the same time offered the same job. Please respond to the request as to your decision. Thank you -- a daily observer of your shows. Dr. Bill Fiero
CPT12 Response:
Thanks for writing.  I have forwarded your request to our Production Department.
Thank you for watching and supporting Colorado Public Television.
CPT-12 Staff
Susan Greene
Posted: March 8, 2015 by Name Withheld
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
I don't know where you found her, but I don't think her presence adds anything positive to the discussions. She seem like an unreconstructed Hippie for the 60's. Some of her comments are almost incoherent. Please get someone brighter.
Harsh legal System Protestors VS Authority Defenders
Posted: March 5, 2015 by Susan Hall
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
I Watched the Colorado Inside Out and saw each person on the panel discuss the event about protestors against police brutality and discrimination and perhaps should also have included biased and unjust sentencing in the US as well, since there is a much higher rate of African Americans, Native American or minorities than Europeans in Jails and prisons, on death row, released from death row and prisons after the introduction of DNA; as well as often for smaller offenses which are about fines instead of jail. The discussion on this program had David kopel dividing the people who used WASHABLE paint on a memorial at the police department from the other protestors. He had stated that a person of the utmost importance and victim who was shot to death within minutes of a confrontation with the police, had her mother say she disapproved of those who defaced the memorial. This may separate the Hernandez family, but it does not separate the other protesters. I am not saying they were in agreement to the Washable Red Paint, but I have not seen any good media that has truly investigated that perspective. Therefore for David Kopel and Dmminic Dezzutti to call the people using the paint scum bags seems unprofessional as a person getting the advantages of the media, which is extremely expensive and partially why most all of the legislators are such wealthy people from one of the more media supported 2 parties, even though there are many people who are registered as independents or with a different party other than the Democrats and Republicans, like the Green Party. I felt like the protestors around the country along with the Democracy Now with Michelle Alexander, author of the New Jim Crow brought out some enlightening and important statistics that had to do with the issues the protestors were wanting to present to the public. Davod Kopel says he does not believe protestors should even ever be allowed to block traffic, but I am not sure the media and therefore the public would notice the issues brought out without something out of the perfectly comfortable normal routine of US residents. It took a great deal of streets blocked to allow African Americans an equal right to voting and public facilities as well as stopping the Viet Nam war, which was never an option for votes. Certainly the media and the US has not made enough difference to cover the warehouse in Chicago were the police have been torturing mostly minority citizens and one of their officers was promoted to being used in Guantánamo; nor has the US's Concentration Camp where 100 men have been held with a target of certain people of religious afiliation had much coverage and perhaps it is due to protestors not doing something out of the normal comfortable entertainment envirnment. We have seen the media reveal from time to time those officers who save people, but we don't hear the names of those officers who are abusive and charged kike they are equal citizens in the site of the law. We don't hear the names of those soldiers who poked the eye out of the British Muslim, Mozzem Beggs or the soldiers who beat the Australian David Higgs till he told him he would confess to anything iin hopes he would not be beat to death. Nor do we know the names of the CIA agents in the cells with the 3 men who were found suffigated with rags down their throats. We hear little about the horible abuses in the US prisons as well as the holdings of hostages who are cleared US prisons outside of the US but still held for 13 years after being tortured. I guess I would add that there has been A nice protest on 52nd and Wadsworth for 13 years against the wars, and this month a letters a quiet stand against the TPP and therere is little coverage about it. Perhaps it would be better to have a program where the Coloradoans get to hear what new bills are coming out and have different political and interested groups research and then say where they stand on the bills, rather than to have a pundants make assessments without researching the issues.
Police Shooting
Posted: February 1, 2015 by Stan Morton
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
I am disgusted with media coverage of the shooting of a person in a stolen vehicle with a very long record of crime in a very short life. Everyone there in the news media and especially Channel 12 seems to want to sweep this under the rug. Credible? I think not. Balanced coverage of any event is seldom if ever a disposition of Channel 12. However, I agree with an investigation of the actions of ALL persons involved in the incident. The parents, calling for a federal investigation, want us to believe that their child, with a criminal record, was simply a misguided young person. Their parenting is suspect at best. She was in fact a person trying to escape police arrest for driving a stolen car. The witnesses in the car must have known the driver was inclined to escape since they were riding in a stolen vehicle. She had done it before. All in the stolen vehicle are involved in the crime of auto theft and should be investigated as well. At least Mr. Dezutti's panel makes no pretense. They are truly liberally transparent.
Posted: January 31, 2015 by Sandy Jameson
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
Why is it that you still get away with stacking the deck against conservatives and anyone who disagrees with the leftwing agenda? So, last night we had Susan Greene, liberal; Penfield Tate, Democrat, Patricia Calhoun, liberal and the moderator too. David Kopel is incredibly bright but is ALWAYS outnumbered. All three liberal panelists spoke in support of the most intrusive, freedom robbing health care debacle forced on the American people. Poll after poll shows the people HATE it and still channel 12 has to make sure that people like Kopel are a voice in the wilderness. You guys claim to care about fairness but that's just a ruse. You're about pushing your agenda on people who want to be left alone. Until you have TWO! Count 'em TWO conservatives vs. TWO liberals, your program will be a sham.
CPT12 Response:
 Thank you very much for your note and comment. We always appreciate hearing from our viewers, even when they have a problem with what they are watching.
Over our 23 years, Colorado Inside Out has always strived to have a panel that reflects diversity in many different aspects. Be it progressive, conservative, gender, ethnic or professional experience, we like bringing people from many different backgrounds to the program.
Because of that policy, we often have different episodes with various balances.
As you point out, last week we had both Penfield Tate and Susan Greene, along with David and Patty. Pen was a Democratic lawmaker and Susan is the editor of Colorado Independent.com, so they will bring those experiences with them to the panel.
But last week, our panel included Eric Sondermann and Dan Haley. Dan currently works for a conservative public policy firm and Eric tends to agree with David on various issues, although perhaps not with the same arguments.
And next week, it will be different again.
My point is that bringing balance to a program isn’t achieved in every episode, but is achieved over the long haul.  We aren’t interested in simply providing and equal number of “conservative” and “progressive “ viewpoints. While that may seem balanced in one way, it’s also a very limited way to look at a diverse pool of panelists.
I hope you will continue to watch Colorado Inside Out and see what I mean over the long haul. And by all means, let us know what you think, as we always try to do what we do better.
Thank you for watching and supporting Colorado Public Television.
Dominic Dezzutti
Colorado Public Television
Catching up on shows
Posted: January 5, 2015 by Susan Hall
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
Patricia Calhoun says on Dec. 26th that if there were someway to stop the campaign's being all about what my dad used to say, "that all mighty dollar," she would be all for it. Well good news Patricia there is a Green Party that is growing and they believe that there candidates should not take funding from Corporations. Penfield Tate III! Said there weren't enough Democrats turning out to vote in Colorado. I think that is true, but there is a reason; the reason is that at a national level both parties were doing many of the same things. Obama & both senators signed the NDAA, they both seem to be for the Keystone XL, fracking, they haven't really come out against cleared hostages being released from Guantanamo AFTER 13 years, longer than the Nazi camps, the drones, continued war, immigration policies to help those southern Americans, and other issues. It isn't what they say, but what they have done. I am so glad to see Udall stand up now for those innocent people tortured. Surely the US should be concerned about those kidnapped and tortured all over the world like the German, the father of a British family, the Australian, and many from all over the continent of Asia now in Guantanamo and Were tortured in lack sites with so much secrecy. Thank you Udall for standing now to tell the Senate and the public of the tortured and murdered by the CIA. I haven't seen any other Democrat senators do this, the right thing. I hope he and other senators reguire accountability the same way anyone would be put on trial for kidnapping, torture and murder in the US. I see Germany does have a law suit started and I'm not sure if it is the individual or the country. I do believe at least ine of the father's of an Asian you g man tried to bring a law suit. They should continue to release both the cleared hostages held in Guantanamo and the total information or memos to the public. How can a government be for and by the people if they are not allowed to know what is going on. There was a time when we had to say the calvary could not shoot Native Americans, Southerners can not lynch African Americans, Service men could not shoot whole villages of people in the Mei Li massacre and today we need to say it is not open season to imprison, drone, torture, bomb or anything else without charges and a fair unbiased trial, even then we need a civilization that is not so sedistic that they torture and in any way can keep it secret. I thought one of the soeakers, David Kobel, who likes to spread a negitive comments without particularly giving detailed reasons why. An example of this is how he speaks about the mayor of Denver. I almost thought for the first time he wasn't going to spread a bunch of demanizing when he suggested there were some real challenges in investing in the Denver Colisium, but then he added a negitve statement about the Denver mayor. Maybe there is good reason, but I think it is a poor professional presentation to not have reasons and details to back up the statements made about a professional.
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your email.
I have forwarded your comments to the producer and host of Colorado Inside Out, Dominic Dezzutti. He will pass your comments on to Ms. Calhoun, Mr. Tate and Mr. Kopel.
Thanks for your feedback and thank you for watching Colorado Public Television.
All the best for this New Year,
CPT12 Staff
Posted: December 6, 2014 by Tom Graham
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
We were disappointed to hear Patty's comment on Friday Dec.5, that the Jefferson County students had a reason to demonstrate. Students were told that they would be "favorably looked upon" if they participated in the street demonstrations. The ostensible reason at that time was to support the teachers' sickouts. Those had been arranged by the teachers' union, which hired an organizer with money donated for that purpose from the State union. 44-48 union workers were sent from out-of-state to help. The reason given by the JCEA was a protest against changing the curricula. There never had been any change proposed or discussed. Board member Julie Williams had stated that there should be more positive content in history lessons. The disruptions had been planned a year in advance in order to start a recall to get back union control of the District for compensation reasons. Regarding curriculum changes, revisionist history dictated by the College Board has little information about WW II, George Washington, etc., but emphasizes the bad aspects of our history. We feel that there should be a balance with history of some of our heroes and aspects the great founding and protection against evils provided by the nation. Curriculum changes demanded by College Board are large with the hate-America message. Informed students want this.
Misrepresentation of Colorado Latino Forum
Posted: December 3, 2014 by Lisa Calderon
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
I am the Co-Chair of the Colorado Latino Forum Denver Chapter and we are requesting a meeting with the producers of Colorado InsideOut and management of Colorado Public Television 12 about the misrepresentation of our Sept. 24th Public Safety forum. The fact that no one from your show even attended our forum, yet spoke as if they had first hand knowledge of what transpired by holding a "Post Game" show on September 26th titled "Colorado Latino Forum discusses Denver's Department of Safety" without even one Latino at the table displays a serious lapse in journalist integrity and cultural insensitivity. The lack of Latino representation on your show is another issue of contention we seek to address. In the future, if you want to know our position, ask us directly, including reading our recently issued public safety recommendation report: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_27058917/colorado-latino-group-blasts-denvers-criminal-justice-system. We look forward to your response.
Time machine episodes
Posted: November 28, 2014 by Keith Caulkins
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
I am a long time viewer and fan of your program. Each Friday I look forward to hearing the diverse opinions from your panel on many of the local issues affecting Denver and the state of Colorado. I am not a fan, though, of your time machine episodes. I really don't want to listen to your panel play acting on issues which occurred decades ago. It may be interesting from an historical viewpoint, but it is not what I tune in to see. I applaud you for your creativity and many people may find it amusing, but it is not what I turn in to see each week. I am disappointed each time you air one of these time machine episodes and I miss out on a substantive discussion of current issues.
I Give Thanks For PBS and Inside-Out
Posted: November 24, 2014 by Mountain Poet
Program: Colorado Inside Out (10 comments)
I'm giving Thanks today for Colorado Inside-Out. I don't know what I'd do without this show, especially during election season when I've grown tired of most of the coverage. But not your show which never fails to educate nicely. Thank you all for being so bright, entertaining, fun, and to-the-point. Keep up the Good* Work and have a great Holiday!
CPT12 Response:
 Thank you for your  lovely  email. I have forwarded your comments to Dominic Dezzutti, Host and Producer of Colorado Inside Out.  I am sure he will appreciate them.
This holiday weekend Colorado Public Television will be airing a number of the CIO Time machine episodes. For more information on scheduling, please click on the link below:
All the Best to you this holiday season,
CPT12 Staff
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