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6 comments in the last 6 months
Downton Abbey season 4
Posted: January 21, 2014 by Name Withheld
Program: Masterpiece (6 comments)
I agree wholeheartedly with those viewers who are upset with the last episode of rape, etc. First of all this episode was written in such a fashion that it did not AT ALL reflect the manner in which Anna has always put herself forward. In a small way, perhaps only noticible to those who are extremely aware of the characters in this story would catch. Anna would never be playing games with the rest of the kitchen staff while her husband looks on! They are just about the ONLY COUPLE whom have a respectful, loving relationship. This was so out of context of "Anna". Julian is drifting so far off course it is sad. Get back on track and have Anna wake up to what was a horrible dream (even this takes place next season). You must have a lot of meaningless "stuff " in the future for those who will continue to watch Downton Abbey! How sad that You, Julian & your producer have decided to take the LOW ROAD! One more thing. You "PBS" should NEVER REVEAL WHAT IS COMING UP IN A FUTURE EPISODE, (LIKE YOU DID WITH THIS ONE). IT IS NO DIFFERENT FROM TELLING SOMEONE (IN THIS CASE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE) HOW A "MOVIE" ENDS WHEN YOU KNOW FULL WELL THAT THE PERSON WAS PLANNING TO SEE THE "MOVIE" IN A FEW DAYS! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO WERE INVOLVED IN THIS . A VERY DISAPPOINTED VEWER AND "X" FAN OF DOWNTON ABBEY.
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for writing to Colorado Public Television regarding Downton Abbey on MASTERPIECE and your concerns regarding the second episode of the season.
The following is a statement the producers of Downton Abbey have released concerning this matter:
 “the complex and loving journey of Anna and Bates has been central to the narrative of the show. We believe the events in this episode were acted and directed with great sensitivity. Viewers will see in the forthcoming episodes how Anna and Bates struggle to come to terms with what has happened.”
We will share your comments with the senior management of both PBS and MASTERPIECE.
Your interest in our content is greatly appreciated and we hope you continue to watch Colorado Public Television.

Colorado Public Television 
Downton Abbey
Posted: January 17, 2014 by Susan Steele
Program: Masterpiece (6 comments)
Just thought you'd like to know I will not be watching Downton Abbey anymore. Death, Rape and predatory seduction is not my idea of entertainment. Its a complete downer. Where is the hope? Times are hard enough without having it further ground into my soul by a program I loved to watch. No more....
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your email and feedback. I am sorry the storyline of Downton Abbey has gotten to dark for your taste.
Please consider checking out the fine programming channels 12.2 or 12.3 when 12.1 is not to your liking.
All the Best,
CPT12 Staff 
End of Season 1 for Masterpiece: The Paradise
Posted: January 6, 2014 by Name Withheld
Program: Masterpiece (6 comments)
Hello 1) What is the last episode of The Paradise? (Is it 7?) 2) How many episodes where shown when The Paradise was first run? Thanks
poor indexing by title
Posted: January 6, 2014 by Jim Peterson
Program: Masterpiece (6 comments)
Considering that many different programs are presented by Masterpiece, why don't you put the individual titles on your program schedules and in your index? When I wanted to find your schedule for Downton Abbey, for example, I could not find it easily because it does not show up in your index by title, and your monthly program chart just says "Masterpiece" with no indication whatever as to which Masterpiece program is on. You could make things easy for viewers to find, or difficult. I am disappointed that you have chosen the latter.
Downton Abby
Posted: January 5, 2014 by Name Withheld
Program: Masterpiece (6 comments)
Where is it?
CPT12 Response:
Thank you for your inquiry.
The new season of Masterpiece:  Downton Abbey premiers on Colorado Public Television on
Monday, January 13 at 8:00 pm on Channel 12.1.
Rocky Mountain PBS aired the first episode last night at 9pm.
All the Best,
CPT12 Staff  
The Paradise Season 2
Posted: December 31, 2013 by Mary Troncoso
Program: Masterpiece (6 comments)
When will the second season of The Paradise be aired?
CPT12 Response:
Right now we don’t have the satellite feed information for The Paradise – Season 2.  You may want to check back in the March timeframe to see if we have received the information from PBS.
Thanks for watching and supporting programming you love.
Best in the new year.
Pamela Petti
Programming Assistant | Colorado Public Television 
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