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Music City Roots: Live From the Loveless Cafe

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Aspect ratio etc.
Posted: October 15, 2014 by Name Withheld
Program: Music City Roots: Live From the Loveless Cafe (1 comment)
Why is the aspect ratio on your station so inconsistent? I wanted to watch Music City Roots (10/14/14, about 11:30pm) but it was pillarboxed when it should not have been. The CPT12 logo was in the lower black bar so it was definitely a problem at your end, not mine. I tried to adjust it via my tuner but it said "Aspect ratio cannot be changed on this channel." The following program, Woodsongs, also was broadcast at the wrong aspect ratio, but instead of being pillarboxed it was stretched from 4:3 to 16:9. I tried to watch Music City Roots anyway, but the audio/video sync was off by a good 100ms or more (video trailing audio), which for music is more than I can tolerate. Sync was almost right on Woodsongs. Oh well, there's an episode of Law & Order SVU on that I haven't seen so I'll just watch that instead. Thanks for your time.
CPT12 Response:
We upgraded to HD last Wednesday  on our primary channel 12.1. If you receive us over-the-air with an antenna or on DirecTV the aspect ration problem should be resolved . If you’re a Comcast viewer, you will see our HD channel on October 23. If you receive us on Dish, you have to wait until January to see the change. Let us know if this doesn’t correct the problem for any reason.
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