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6:00 am euromaxx Highlights
6:30 am TV Mass for the Homebound
7:00 am Misa Por Tv Para Los Confinados Al Hogar
7:30 am Fe Catolica Viva
8:00 am Curious George
George's Backwards Flight Plan/Curious George, Hog Trainer
8:30 am Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!; The
Trick or Treat/King Cecil the Seahorse
9:00 am Peg + Cat
The Imaginary Friend Problem/The Promise Problem
9:30 am Dinosaur Train
The Theropod Club/Surprise Party
10:00 am Nature Cat
The Shellersons/Only The Shadow Knows
10:30 am Odd Squad
Captain Fun/Switch Your Partner Round and Round
11:00 am Hands On Crafts for Kids
Discover the World
11:30 am Baby Makes 3
Baby Makes 4
12:00 pm Make It Artsy
Building Blocks
12:30 pm Destination Craft With Jim West
1:00 pm Beads, Baubles, and Jewels
Color Inspirations
1:30 pm Knitting Daily
New Spin
2:00 pm Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking
Dijon, France
2:30 pm Nick Stellino: Storyteller In The Kitchen
Being Italian
3:00 pm Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Television
The New Baking
3:30 pm Martha Bakes
Southern Classics
4:00 pm Antiques Roadshow
Rapid City, Part 2
5:00 pm Colorado Inside Out
5:30 pm Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara
6:00 pm NOVA
Killer Landslides
7:00 pm Before I Kick the Bucket
8:00 pm Bay of All Saints
9:30 pm The New Environmentalists
From Peru to Tanzania
10:00 pm American Experience
American Comandante
11:00 pm Before I Kick the Bucket
12:00 am Bay of All Saints
1:30 am The New Environmentalists
From Peru to Tanzania
2:00 am American Experience
American Comandante
3:00 am The Open Mind
Don't March, Run...
3:30 am Focus on Europe
4:30 am Scully/The World Show
5:00 am Motorweek
5:30 am Autoline This Week
What's Next for NAFTA?