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6:00 am Wai Lana Yoga
6:30 am Priscilla's Yoga Stretches
6:45 am Priscilla's Yoga Stretches
7:00 am Sit and Be Fit
Releasing Muscle Tightness
7:30 am Rick Steves' Heart Of Italy
9:30 am Dinosaur Train
The Call of the Wild Corythosaurus/Triceratops for Lunch
10:00 am Sesame Street
The Recycling Fairy
10:30 am Arthur
The Master Builders, Parts 1 & 2
11:00 am Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer
Old Presque Isle Light House
11:30 am Quilt In A Day
Marianne's Star
12:30 pm Start Up
Cheesy Effects
1:00 pm RE'FLECT: Successful Aging Defined
Luis Monge - Intergenerational Action
1:30 pm Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr
Sunrise Delight
2:00 pm Science Goes to the Movies
Star Trek/ Tony Stark's Lab
2:30 pm On Story
Script to Screen: Arrival
3:00 pm Yan Can Cook: Spice Kingdom
Poetry in a Cup
3:28 pm Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking
Greenough, Montana - Chef Ben Jones & Rory Schepisi
4:00 pm Baking With Julia
Esther McManus
4:30 pm How to Cook Well with Rory O'Connell
5:00 pm DW News
5:30 pm Democracy Now!
6:30 pm Amanpour on PBS
7:00 pm Trust Docs
Storytelling Across the Globe
7:30 pm Overheard with Evan Smith
Yamiche Alcindor, Journalist
8:00 pm Colorado Inside Out
8:30 pm Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara
9:00 pm Both Sides of the Story
Semi-Finals Denver East vs. Manitou Springs
9:30 pm Both Sides of the Story
Semi-Final Round - Cherry Creek vs. George Washington
10:00 pm 50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary
12:00 am 50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary
2:00 am Joe Bonamassa: Beacon Theatre - Live in New York
3:30 am Benise: Fuego! Spirit of Spain
5:00 am Memory Rescue with Daniel Amen, M.D.