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6:00 am Foundations of Yoga with Tara Lee
Earth Energy Sequence
7:00 am Visionkeepers
7:30 am Articulate With Jim Cotter
Janet Echelman Looms Large
8:00 am Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick
Jacob Zighelboim, MD - Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained
8:30 am Well Read
Katie Kitamura, A Separation
9:00 am Colorado Inside Out
9:30 am Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara
10:00 am Amanpour on PBS
10:30 am Americas Now
Green Awards
11:00 am euromaxx Highlights
11:26 am Keepers of the Earth - Rose Red Elk
12:00 pm Fighting On Both Fronts: The Story Of The 370th
12:30 pm Mr. Tanimoto's Journey
1:00 pm Voices from Vietnam: Reflecting at the Wall
1:30 pm Searching for Home: Coming Back from War
3:00 pm Reel South
Divided City
3:30 pm Reel South
Jonah Stands Up
4:00 pm Winter Bear Project; The
4:30 pm Tribal Journeys
5:00 pm Skeletons of New Zealand
The Redheads
6:00 pm Skeletons of New Zealand
Under The Carpet
7:00 pm Native Voice TV
Episode 142
7:30 pm On Native Ground: Youth Report
Dancing Salmon Home
8:00 pm Aboriginal Adventures
Seaweed Harvest - Port Hardy
8:30 pm Toa Hunter Gatherer
9:00 pm Native Shorts
Red Buffalo Skydive / Two Cars, One Night
9:30 pm Aux; The
Episode 436
10:30 pm When I Hear Thunder
12:00 am Mohawk Girls
1:00 am Storytellers In Motion
Duncan McCue
1:30 am Rez Rides
Long Live The King-Mg Midget and Oldmosbile 'donk' #112
2:00 am Wapos Bay
As The Bannock Browns
2:30 am Sharing Circle
Stryker Goes to Venice
3:00 am Aux; The
Episode 436
4:00 am Fresh Quilting
Quilt Building
4:30 am Bali
I Want to Be Tall
5:00 am Arthur
All Thumbs/Kidonia
5:30 am Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Feels Two Feelings/The Neighborhood Carnival