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Minimum Wage

Susan: Let's see. Shall we raise Colorado's minimum wage from a paltry $8.31 per hour to a modest $12? That's $24,000 a year. Not nearly enough for safe housing, 3-squares a day and a a modest, but good life. Krista: As someone who's been a cashier, delivery driver and maid, I know minimum wage jobs have their place, especially for people just starting out. By raising the wage, businesses will eliminate jobs or raise prices. Sadly, people whose skills aren't worth $12 an hour won't get work. That's...
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Tuesday, September 20 at 5:28 pm on 12.1

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This point counter-point segment features Krista Kafer, Executive Director of the Colorado's Future Project, facing off with Former Denver City Councilwoman Susan Barnes-Gelt. Five segments rotate monthly, ranging from local to national issues.