Ascent of Woman

Ascent Of Woman: A 10,000 Year Story; The


Dr. Amanda Foreman travels to Istanbul, Germany, London, Paris and Delhi to explore the ways in which women created their own routes to power, often subverting to their advantage the very restrictions placed on them. This episode showcases the achievements of six extraordinary women, from Empress Theodore of Byzantium to Nur Jahan of Mughal India. Dr. Foreman argues that it's time for history to embrace the fact that if women are excluded from the narrative, not only are the wrong questions being...
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Sunday, November 19 at 11:00 pm on 12.1

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Originally created for BBC2 in the UK, this groundbreaking four-part documentary charts the role of women in society over the course of 10,000 years. Written and presented by Dr. Amanda Foreman, it is the first-ever documentary to present the history of women from the dawn of civilization to the modern day. THE ASCENT OF WOMAN argues that the history of women isn't a straight line from Eve's apple to Margaret Sanger's Pill. Instead, over the past ten thousand years it has veered wildly between extremes of freedom and oppression, inclusion and exclusion. The reason is that the status of women is a barometer of a society's tolerance, fairness and openness. A poor record on women's rights goes hand-in-hand with low economic output and high levels of violence. Amanda argues that for the next economic cycle to be the age of full participation, there has to be a woman-led revolution that unleashes the potential of all individuals. At stake are the goals of autonomy, authority and agency for all women.