Multitasking Mania

Can teens - juggling computers, smartphones, music, homework, and TV at the same time - multitask as well as they think they can? Alejandra and her friends find out.EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES:The program models the scientific inquiry process as girls start with the question: Can we multitask effectively? With help from a social psychologist, the girls learn about the struggles scientists face when trying to answer such questions and why many of them disagree on the subject! After conducting a survey...
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Thursday, April 19 at 10:30 am on 12.1

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This series, targeting 'tween girls, showcases bright, curious real girls putting science and engineering to work, as they answer real-life questions and make unexpected discoveries in the world around them. Each episode follows a different group of middle school girls, whose passion to find answers to their questions and eagerness to understand their world provides a model of inquiry-based science, appealing to 'tweens, parents and educators alike. While we meet new girls in each episode, the series is unified by a pair of recurring animated characters -- Izzie and her best friend Jake. Together, they embark on their own adventures and call on the SciGirls for help. At the beginning of each episode, television viewers follow Izzie onto the website as she picks a group of SciGirls whose project she thinks can help her. She launches the video and follows the SciGirls' live-action story, learning as she goes. Viewers are invited to visit the website themselves to create their own personal pages and upload their projects, making the SciGirls website a destination for any girl who is interested in science.