Garden Smart

Garden Smart

GardenSMART visits with an exceptional plantsman who elevates every plant under his watchful eye. The rest of us may not be able to devote the same attention and skill to our plants, but we can certainly learn from his example. Be sure to tune in as we GardenSMART.

Thursday, November 1 at 3:30 am on 12.1

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  • Wednesday, October 31 at 2:00 pm on 12.1

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GardenSMART is never behind a potting bench. Each week GardenSMART features an expert horticulturist from fantastic garden locations who shares their knowledge and gardening experiences which provides our audience a wide range of practical, helpful advice. GardenSMART is a "hands in the dirt" experience.Topics addressed each week are varied, timely and cutting edge. For example, a program might address - new garden design ideas, concepts for outdoor rooms, new plants or tools, as well as how to install, care for and maintain your plants. Whether an experienced or novice gardener tune in each week for innovative as well as time tested gardening ideas designed to help you GardenSMART.