Pipe Dreams – Gray to Green

In Atlanta, GA and Portland, OR, replacing traditional pipework processing with “green” infrastructure, along with new legislation, has transformed storm water management with stunning environmental and community benefits.
  • program length: 30 minutes
  • episode #102

Friday, January 4 at 1:00 pm on 12.1

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Created and hosted by Dan Bärham, VISIONKEEPERS profiles individuals and organizations across the United States making an impact through innovative methods and programs focused on sustainability, the environment, education and community. Bärham, an American entrepreneur in land management and investment, has dedicated his life to promoting conservation and sustainability after living in Germany, where he learned to appreciate the frugal nature of his host country’s residents. These principles are built into their way of life. Filmed in Oregon, Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri and Texas, each half-hour episode introduces a diverse range of people and companies whose work has impacted their communities with environmental, economic and social benefits. In Atlanta and Portland, traditional pipework has been replaced with “green” infrastructure and this combined with new legislation on storm water management has had stunning environmental and community benefits. Meanwhile in Kansas City, a revolution is taking place to create a smarter city, where integrated technology will enhance livability with responsive, real-time solutions to transportation and communication issues. The six-part human interest series aims to inspire and empower everyone to take action and find sustainable options in their lives, while featuring Americans who are discovering ways to leave the world in a better place than they found it.