Curious George

Curious George

Curious George Discovers the Poles/Curious George Finds His Way

Curious George Discovers the ?Poles: George is thrilled when Bill asks him to look after his tadpoles. He conscientiously feeds them and even decides to give them a little vacation in the lagoon. But the tadpoles disappear and George worries that he?s lost Bill?s pets forever. After weeks of searching, George is ready to give up hope, until he learns that the tadpoles haven?t vanished; they?ve grown into frogs! EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To understand that all living organisms have a life cycle.Curious...
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Sunday, July 7 at 8:00 am on 12.1

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  • Monday, July 8 at 8:00 am on 12.1
  • Monday, July 8 at 11:00 am on 12.2

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Since 1941, children have delighted in the (mis-)adventures of Curious George in the best-selling book series. Now, hot on the heels of his successful big screen debut, Curious George swings on to television.