Lollipops Everywhere!"

Bali, dad and Lea are shopping at the grocery store when dad tries to fix the wonky wheel on their shopping cart. As he does, Bali tries to sooth an upset Lea who wants a lollipop. Unfortunately, the lollipop 'robot' is malfunctioning. In his dream, Bali finds himself in the midst of a large, but broken down, candy making machine. But doing the same as his dad, Bali and Kikou are able to fix the machine.

Thursday, December 7 at 4:30 am on 12.2

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Bali, a resolutely modern preschooler, lives a resolutely modern life in the big city. With a most un-stereotypical family, Bali faces the world inquisitively, sometimes shyly, never recklessly, and always enthusiastically. Both of Bali's parents work, and Bali's dad takes a very active role in handling the family's daily grind. The triumphs and concerns of Bali deal with many of today's social issues for children: nannies, divorce and little everyday traumas such as going back to school and first sleepovers. Targeted to pre-schoolers, the animated series BALI features a painterly graphic style with bold colors, along with a strong musical score and original songs designed to encourage movement. Each half-hour episode focuses on a theme, including helping those in need, dealing with new experiences, asking for help, facing a challenge and following instructions.