I'm So Hot

During a heat wave, Bali has no idea how to cool down. Even after dad prepares a cold bath, it's not enough. Bali goes into his dream and finds himself in a hot desert. Amazingly, he meets a snowman who teaches Bali all the ways to stay cool. He takes him to an oasis etc.. Back in 'reality', Bali is inspired. With dad's help, they bring up a little pool to the roof top garden. There, they fill it with cool water and use bed sheets for shade. All are super cool and comfy.

Wednesday, April 25 at 4:30 am on 12.2

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  • Friday, June 1 at 4:30 am on 12.2

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Bali, a resolutely modern preschooler, lives a resolutely modern life in the big city. With a most un-stereotypical family, Bali faces the world inquisitively, sometimes shyly, never recklessly, and always enthusiastically. Both of Bali's parents work, and Bali's dad takes a very active role in handling the family's daily grind. The triumphs and concerns of Bali deal with many of today's social issues for children: nannies, divorce and little everyday traumas such as going back to school and first sleepovers. Targeted to pre-schoolers, the animated series BALI features a painterly graphic style with bold colors, along with a strong musical score and original songs designed to encourage movement. Each half-hour episode focuses on a theme, including helping those in need, dealing with new experiences, asking for help, facing a challenge and following instructions.